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The big high-street computer retailers would like you believe that you have to buy a new computer every three years in order to stay up to date. The technology surrounding the PC is indeed marching onwards relentlessly, with ever faster hardware to cope with modern computing needs. However, the fact is that the modern PC is a highly modular design concept which allows all of the primary components to be upgraded quickly and easily.

For example: you can normally give a PC a major performance upgrade (motherboard, processor and ram) for around 1/3rd of the cost of buying a new PC.

We perform many minor upgrades (e.g. RAM, drives and Windows etc) on-site. Whilst major upgrades such as motherboard & CPU changes are carried out in our workshop to ensure full performance and compatibility.

From simply adding some extra RAM, upgrading to Windows XP, or wanting a performance custom-built system, we have it covered. Most parts are held in stock for a rapid turn-around


Memory Install €25

Speed up your PC, old or new, by upgrading your memory (RAM) to accommodate your computing needs ...(more)


Optical Drive Install €35

An optical drive (DVD or CD burner) gives your PC tons of more data backup and storage space for your projects ...(more)

Hard Drive Install €35

Let us install and configure a new hard drive that will have your PC running at peak performance ...(more)

I/O Card €40

Pump up your gaming with a new graphics card. We'll configure any internal card to your desktop ..(more)

Laptop Hard Drive Install €40

Find the right fit for the files, photos and music in your life with a new hard drive on your laptop ..(more)

Callout Fees

Although we do charge a callout fee ( when applicable), we believe in a fair and honest approach to pricing. Depending on the distance, time, job and other factors we will charge an extra fee between €25 and €50 for a home or office visit. If you are flexible about when we call then in most cases this charge can be minimised. Of course if you leave you pc at our workshop or we can help you remotely then there is no callout charge. The total price will be agreed with you before we visit. The price you are quoted is the price you will pay with no hidden extras regardless of how long the job takes us.
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