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Antivirus Install €25

Install antivirus software with the latest updates on your PC, so your defences are up-to-speed ...(more)

Antispyware Install €25

We can install antispyware software on your PC with the latest updates, so your defenses are up to speed ..(more)

Advanced Security Setup €50

Ensure your privacy with this advanced security package that will help keep your PC free of viruses and spyware. ...(more)

Software Install €25

let us install your new software program on your PC and customize it to fit your needs. Dont know what software you need just ask us! ...(more)

Software Service €60

Do you have a software program that's giving you trouble, let us get it back in line ...(more)


Operating System €45

Stuck in 98? We can get you up-to-speed by installing a new operating system on your computer ...(more)
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