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The IT helpers PC Health check puts PCs through a host of rigorous performance checks and virus removals, which to date have uncovered and removed hundreds of viruses, spy ware and redundant files – greatly improving performance and security.

We've all seen the symptoms: PCs that take forever to start up, hard disks that constantly complain about low disk space, hourglasses that never seem to disappear, and constant error messages and so on. These are all pretty good indications that your PC is in need of a good clean. In much the same way as your car needs an annual service to keep the oily bits working properly, your computer responds well to the occasional check over and tune-up.

The IThelper is offering a 50-point check for any PC or notebook computer, old or new. The make and model is irrelevant. It's important to realize that this isn't a repair service - if your systems as dead as a doornail, you can't get a Health check but there is a separate IT helper Repair Service you can use.

The first and most vital check is a full virus scan, followed by checks on all the PC's major components, Windows settings and so on. Unwanted files that are clogging up your hard disk and programs you don't use any more can be removed and the Recycle Bins emptied.

There are an estimated 55,000 known viruses currently roaming cyberspace, and more than 20 per cent of PCs Health checked contain a virus - even with most having anti-virus software installed.

Every stage is clearly explained to you and any shortcomings of your PC are highlighted at the end of the check. But don’t worry - we are not out to get you to upgrade your system needlessly, but If you do want to buy some new bits such as more memory or a bigger hard disk, then we will install them for free at the same time.

It's certainly worth a try if you're tearing your hair out about how to get your PC back into shape!

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