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Windows 2003 €14.95 a month

Forget free and shared hosting services . We manage our own range of dedicated servers and can offer a range of hosting services ...(more)

Windows 2003 Advanced Business package €34.95

This is the next level up for Business users at (€34.95 mthly) and is suitable for small to medium businesses requiring an enterprise level web site. more)

Windows 2003 Dedicated Server- €105

Dedicated servers "built to your needs by us" , then managed by you. All servers are located in a secure, air conditioned data centre. ...(more)

Website monitoring From €9 a month

We can monitor your Web site to ensure that your Web site is available 24/7. If we are unable to reach your site, we will send you an immediate email alert that your site is unreachable ...(more)

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